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Spencer Thorn are specialist manufacturers of Napkin Hooks and Napkin Clips, dress accessories for men and women. Our range is quite extensive and all our products are made in Cornwall UK. We also make jewellery.

Napkin hooks have been in existence from at least the 1600’s. They became fashionable in Victorian times and remained so until the late thirties. 

We have been making them now since 1990. Our Original Napkin Hook, shown here, is based upon a design found in an old catalogue from 1935 which has been in our archives since that time. The design and application has been improved to provide a durable, practical and stylish item. One improvement has turned the hook through 90 degrees so that it is nice and flat in ones pocket when not in use without affecting the use of the Napkin Hook

The Original Napkin Hook is a rare addition to the small list of men’s jewellery which can be used on all formal and informal occasions. It measures approximately 2 inches long (50mm) in hook version.


You may have your Napkin Hook personalised with hand engraved initials, logos etc. 

Spencer Thorn - Founder of Spencer Thorn Jewellers


Spencer Thorn worked as the shop manager, jeweller and watchmaker for Mr Goldsworthy, in his Strand shop in Bude, Cornwall. 

Spencer bought the shop and changed its name in 1921. At that time Bude was a popular holiday resort for relatively wealthy people and Spencer counted many amongst his most regular customers. The shop thrived and he was able to buy two more premises at the top of Belle Vue in Bude. One his mother ran as a gift shop. The second house he converted into a shop in 1937. This shop continues today in the hands of his family, the third and fourth generation of Thorns.



Thorns of Bude - Cornish Photography - Photo Book - Bude

The Thorn family were pioneer photographers in Bude from the mid 1850's. We, family relatives, have many of the old glass negatives which we use today to reproduce their amazing images. They are made using modern techniques digitally, using Museum Archive quality inks and photographic paper.


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